Additional Adjunct staff from Lake Country Fire & Rescue, Aurora Health Care, ProHealth Care and several other medical/professionals frequently participate in the training programs offered through the Training Center.

Division Chief Reynen (And her daughter)

Division Chief Reynen (And her daughter)



Division Chief Tanya Reynen joined Lake Country Fire & Rescue in January of 2017 as the Coordinator of the Lake Country Training Center.  D/C Reynen, an experienced Firefighter/Paramedic/Educator, is dedicated to the on-going growth and development of the Training Center. 

Firefighter/Paramedic Sarah Cornell

Paramedic Sarah Cornell has been with Lake Country Fire and Rescue since December 2015. As a past student of our summer EMT program, Sarah has grown and developed as an EMS professional and firefighter over the years while also attending college full time for a BS in Biology and Chemistry. Sarah brings her experiences from in the field and in the hospital to show how important the work EMS does in the field truly is for a patients outcome. She has a passion for teaching and will go above and beyond to help students to understand the material and how to apply it.

Firefighter/AEMT Jim Keller

Jim comes to the Training Center from Wales Genesee Fire Department. He has been an active EMT/AEMT since 2008. Prior to becoming an licensed EMT Jim had over 10 years of experience as an industrial Emergency Responder and Fire Brigade member active in confined space rescue. Jim has a Masters in Business Administration and works in the Food Science Industry for his career.

Firefighter/AEMT Jason Cain

Jason Cain has been teaching with the Training Center for two years. He takes on a main adjunct roll for our Summer EMT, AEMT and CPR courses. Jason has years of experience prehospital along with his full time career as a respiratory therapist. Jason has a way of making lectures come to life with stories that are engaging and direct.


Captain Nick Heltemes has been instrumental in the growth and development of the Training Center and many of it's programs and partnerships we have today.  Captain Heltemes was recently recognized as a Kettle Moraine Alumni "Trailblazer" for his work with the HS2 students and staff to provide opportunities for student learning in the Fire and EMS services.

Nick Heltemes Captain

Nick Heltemes Captain

Al Davies RN & Dr. George

Al Davies RN & Dr. George


Dr. Chris ‘CJ’ George & Al Davies RN

Dr. George and Al Davies have been partners together as Aurora Summit’s EMS Team since 2016.

Dr. George graduated from Loyola Medical School in 1999, completed a residency in Emergency Medicine at Medical College of Wisconsin. He has worked in Milwaukee, Chicago, and Watertown before joining Aurora Summit in 2011.

Al Davies first started as an EMT in Arizona in 1987, then moving on to Nursing, and eventually focusing on EMS and Emergency Management training for over 20 years.