Our Training Center is partly funded by donations from our generous community.  If you are looking for a place to make a charitable contribution, please consider our Training Center! Your donations helps to support community education and is tax deductible!  

Want to support us without giving a monetary donation?  Please see our wish list below to help us improve!  (priced High to Low)

Any contribution, big or small is greatly appreciated!

Contact Tanya Reynen or Sandy Rosch for more information.  treynen@lakecountryfire.com or srosch@lakecountryfire.com



Bullex Fire attack training prop- Nozzle, hoseline & fire simulator          

Sound Boards in classroom                                                                       

EMS Monitor

Stair Chair

Trauma Moulage                                                                                        

Firefighting Gloves (can be used)

Cabinets/storage for Copy Room                                                                 

Rolling Cart to take training supplies on the road                                        


Picnic Table                                                                                                  

2x4 wood boards

Sheets of Plywood or Drywall

Training Supplies:  Cpap, BVM, Igel/King, scalpels, BP Cuffs, Stethoscopes, Hemostatic Gauze, IV Catheters (<20ga), Sodium Chloride, 3cc needle & syringe, Tourniquets

AED Trainer Pad Replacements

Injection Trainer Pads                                                                                     

Magazine Subscription to: Jems, NFPA Journal, etc                                        

EMT Registry Prep books